Paris -- January / February 2003

It's been quite a while since I've posted notes or pictures on any of my travels, so I decided to take my camera with me on our January / February 2003 trip to Paris (our third time there). I tried to take lots of pictures -- some of places, some that just seemed interesting, and at least one at every restaurant at which we ate.

So, in these pictures you'll see lots of "snapshots" of Susan, a couple of me, and some of mildly interesting places as we walked around Paris this trip. Please excuse any typos... I've just "titled" each picture enough to let us remember what it is. I may get around to adding more information later.

Our Hotel Room Valerie wanted to know what our hotel room looked like -- so here it is. This is a very nice little two-star hotel in the Latin Quarter (the 5th). Our room (with a large double bed, ensuite tub/shower and WC) was 79€ a night for two including taxes, but with no breakfast (why would you need a hotel breakfast?). The rate for one person (I don't know if that's the same room or a smaller room) is a bit less. Their rates are going up on March 1st to, if I recall, 85€.
Some Sight-seeing Since we've been there a couple of times before, we didn't really do lots of museum hopping. We did do a lot of walking all over -- some sight-seeing, lots of window shopping, and lots of walking between lunch and dinner. We went to the Musee l'Orangerie only to find that it was closed for rennovation for two years (we couldn't determine where in that two year cycle we were). Although it was cold and rainy (with some light snow flurries sometimes), we enjoy bundling up and walking around (a hat does wonders in the rain).
At Restaurants and food shops I decided to take at least one picture of Susan at every restaurant -- available light, of course. Sometimes I took a few other pictures at the restaurants too. A couple of times I actually used a flash. I don't think that I missed any restaurants... We went to many places we've been to before and tried some new ones too. We went to a couple of places twice -- it was Susan's birthday after all... Plus I just couldn't resist taking some pictures at Gerard Mulot -- always have to go back there every trip!
A few other snapshots We did a lot of window shopping, and here are a couple of things we saw... A couple of what I thought were visually interesting shots inside Samaritaine department store... A shot of "Magie" (Dominic Duvier's magic shop -- been there many times, and it's so near to the hotel)... Some shots of a CD store (that's for Tobias) window... etc.


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